Anderson Lab at The Ohio State University


Active and recent support:

  • NIH NIAMS; R01 AR066330 (PIs: Anderson, Ganesan, Robinson) 4/16/2014 – 3/31/2019; Immune Complex Elimination by Sinusoid Endothelial FcγRIIb: Mechanism and Disease.
  • NIH NICHD; R01 HD059912 (Anderson, PI); 4/1/09 – 3/31/14.  FcγRIIb protects fetus from allograft rejection.
  • NIH NIAID; R01 AI057530 (Anderson, PI); 4/1/05 – 12/31/09; FcRn binds and transports albumin. 
  • NIH NIAID; R01 AI50074 (Anderson, PI; Tridandapani, Co-PI); 12/01/02 – 11/30/07.  Homeostatic control of FcgR-mediated macrophage function; A 5-year continuation of a 27-year period of continuous funding of Dr. Anderson’s CA44983.  Awarded 12/1/02 but application withdrawn 11/15/02 to be superseded by the award of a program project grant listed next:
  • NIH NCI; P01 CA95426; 10/30/02 – 10/29/07.  (Subproject: Anderson, PI; Tridandapani, co-PI).  Homeostatic control of FcgR-mediated macrophage function
  • NIH NCI; R01 CA88053 (Anderson & Robinson, Co-PI); 4/1/01 – 3/31/06.  How FcRn prolongs IgG lifespan.

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